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The ECLIPSE shows us darkness...___;;

icons by neko, aeria and airtos

Icons by Aeria, Airtos and Neko
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Hello and welcome to Eclipse Icons, the iconning journal of kawaiirishi(Aeria, and your's truly!), airtos, and kisa_hanajima(Neko). However, like most icon journals, you will not just find icons here. You'll find fanfictions, fsts, friend's only banners, forum sets, banners and other things are present. Please take a look around, I can guranntee you'll love Neko and Airy's work! ♥ (I don't count cause my gfx sucks. :D)

Airtos asks that you both credit and comment. It is required that credit is given to her when using an icon by her.

Aeria asks for commenting and crediting, but stresses neither is nessescary. It's nice, however, if you'd kindly credit me.

Please aide to each of our rules respectively! =]

Stylesheet by appleleaf